If we give a man a fish, we teach him to give us chips; if we teach a man to charge people for fish, we teach him to charge us for chips and to compete with us at the fish market.

We trust in profit in our pursuit of goods or services even though it is a more efficient system to receive and give without pursuing payment, and purchasing goods and services is akin to purchasing slaves if the producers and servers are forced to pursue payment. Even pursuing payment to give to one can take from or burden another. Instead of serving a conditional economic system that forces us to pursue payment instead of do unconditional love, we need to bless everyone with the economic system that receives from and gives to a people who forsake that transgressive and imperfect system for the sake of all.

The following are some additional reasons to abandon the profit motive to serve the love motive:
  • production and service would be void of ulterior motives and shame,
  • no need for money, taxes or insurance,
  • more freedom because (1) pursuing, processing and protecting money would not be needed, (2) former profiteers, money processors and money protectors could either help with production and service or take a break and (3) no need to sell our future for credit,
  • less risk with existing and new enterprises,
  • no squabbles over money,
  • fewer shortages, interferences, injuries and deaths from unnecessary activity,
  • less annoyance from beggars,
  • less annoyance, manipulation, preaching, embellishment and temptation from advertisers,
  • no need to purchase representation,
  • more progress thru sharing our knowledge and talents,
  • less fear of thieves and of losing our wealth and
  • no need to accumulate and hoard money for family, disasters or retirement.

Imagine we agree to abolish money and offer our goods and services for free; would you
  • contribute with your present job,
  • contribute with a different job,
  • contribute with a new enterprise or
  • not contribute?

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