We do not need to be forgiven to forgive, and if we do not forgive, we are not forgiven, for if we hate, we receive and give hateful spirits.

Hating the hateful = 2 hateful.
Tolerating the hateful = 1 hateful.
Forgiving the repentant = 0 hateful.

Here are some additional reasons to forgive:
• Remembering that we forgave someone for what we become guilty of doing receives forgiveness.
• Remembering that we did not forgive someone for what we become guilty of doing receives condemnation.
• Condemnations kill joy, which can also unleash retaliation. (Blessed are they who can endure sadness.)
• Because the fear of condemnation and punishment might stifle our contributions or silence our confessions, we do not progress or learn.

Beware: self-righteousness can disguise condemnations and punishments as justice, and uniting with this premeditated unforgiveness can lead to major injustice and a lifetime of hate.

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