Perfect representation demands we give everyone an equal voice and not pursue a louder voice than others. If a republic does not command that everyone be given an equal voice, we inherit an inconsiderate, self-righteous, disrespectful, disrespected and rebellious republic.

The voices of the rich, the active, the loud, the talented, the organized and the popular appear louder than the voices of the poor who cannot contribute money to a cause, the inactive who do not write to congress, the meek who do not impose, the untalented who cannot articulate quickly, the unorganized who lack amplification and the unpopular who fear condemnation. The poor and the inactive could give us conservation; the untalented could give us simplification; the meek could give us civility; the unorganized and the unpopular could give us revelations.

In order to form a more perfect republic, we the people need to form a more perfect system of representation.

Adding branches of representatives filled with people randomly could approximate us while not overthrowing familiarity with less accurate systems of representation. Another system of representation could provide everyone with an official, individualized, equalized, standardized and decriminalized space with unlimited time to post and update our wishes and contributions--randomly accessed, cataloged and distributed to everyone by we the people.

If compelled to be represented, champion random representation until we become a considerate, righteous, respectful, respected and civil republic.

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