Truthlove, Way of

In order to optimize our lives, we must
• guide one another with ‘what is’, otherwise we blind one another with ‘what is not’,
• do what we wish others would do in our situations, otherwise we blindly trespass on one another doing what we wish, and
• watchfully do what we wish when we wish others would watchfully do what they wish in our situations, otherwise we condemn and restrict one another with self-righteousness.

Ultimately, we are dependent on one another to revere what is happening, embrace its revelations of logic, patterns and probabilities, shun conclusions made from uncertainties, then watchfully do what we wish others would do in our situations.

Love asks truth: What do we wish others do?
Considering--inconsideration causes self-righteousness, which causes condemnations, which causes sadness, which causes hate, which causes retaliation, which causes distrust, which causes disunity, which causes favoritism, which causes competition, which causes conflict, which causes waste--Truthlove wishes we displace
• inconsideration with veracity,
• self-righteousness with revelations,
• condemnations with understanding,
• sadness with thankfulness,
• hate with tolerance,
• retaliation with compassion,
• distrust with optimism,
• disunity with enjoyment,
• favoritism with equality,
• competition with synergism,
• conflict with harmony and
• waste with fruition.

Realizing (1) tastes and viewpoints are relative to our causality branch, and (2) everyone is entitled to be loved, Truth loves elsewhere if unproductive, and if another’s love is unpleasant, we must explain our taste and viewpoint gracefully, lest we either discourage love or become trained to be unpleasant.

If we do not know what we wish others would do in a particular situation, we can try looking at ourselves objectively (looking at ourselves from above), carefully test, randomize or rest while wishing others rest in our situation.

When presented with the way to optimize our lives, we do as follows:
if we do not revere truth, we miss or misjudge the way;
if we are selfish, we disregard, hate, or desire the way;
if we revere truth and do love, we do the way.

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